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Dynamic Reservations — SaaS
Platform for Travel Agents

LOCATION: Ireland Ireland
INDUSTRY: Travel & Hospitality

Project Overview

Dynamic Reservations is a technology startup that partners with Binary Studio to develop their innovative booking platform for travel agencies.

Technologies used

PHP 7 / Laravel (Lumen) / MySQL / Beanstalkd / AWS / PHPUnit / DDD / Event Sourcing / Javascript ES2018 / React.js / Redux / SASS / CodeceptJS / CircleCI

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Binary Studio is a huge part of why we've been able to be so productive, so quickly
Daragh O'Shea - Co Founder & CTO /
Dynamic Reservations

About Our Client

Dynamic Reservations is a technology startup based in Dublin that aims to improve the operations of travel agencies.

They are developing an innovative SaaS solution that lets travel agents handle all key aspects of their work through a single platform. It combines tools for quotation and itinerary generation with a specialized CRM solution for managing their customers and connects to a wide range of reservation systems for service such as hotels, flights and car rentals.
Dynamic Reservations-1

Why Binary Studio?

Dynamic Reservations was looking for a development partner that could deliver top-notch engineers to help them build the complex architecture behind their platform.

With part of their own employees working from outside the office, they were also looking for external developers that would deeply integrate into their processes and truly become members of their remote-first team. In the end, Dynamic Reservations chose Binary Studio because of our developers’ excellent communication skills and their outstanding technical proficiency.
Dynamic Reservations-2


Our engineers are heavily involved in system design and development of the backend. The system follows Domain Driven Design principles and is implemented in PHP and Laravel, using an event sourcing approach and microservices architecture. Our team is also in charge of all frontend development.

Daragh O'Shea, Co Founder & CTO / Dynamic Reservations
Daragh O'Shea Co Founder & CTO / Dynamic Reservations IrelandDublin, Ireland
We’ve been looking for technology partners like Binary Studio to help us to grow our startup. Dublin is quite a competitive space for developers in particular, and we were looking for an external company — ideally, one from Eastern Europe or Ukraine — that is known for giving critical feedback.

Some of the tech companies in Asia and India are more used to doing only what they’re told, which we didn't really want. We wanted a company that was more of an extension of our team and that worked in an Agile way. We have quite a specific architecture and development style that we’re doing, and that actually showed up in Binary Studio’s blog, so it showed that they have an interest in it. In hindsight as well, we were glad we went with them because we liked the way they had set up their company.

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