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Why Hire .Net Developers?

Why hire .Net Developers (dot Net Developer) or a dedicated ASP.Net programmer? It is a really big question for a software development company which is about to start a new .NET application project: is it better to find freelancer programmers or hire a full-time professional? It is good to have a choice. As for employment and staff management, there are many ways to choose from thanks to the progress in communication technologies. On the other hand, the variety of employment forms corresponds to diversity of peculiarities of different businesses. It is clearly visible in .NET development which is one of the most active IT market niches today. Microsoft continues holding leading positions in rapidly growing software development market, so .NET projects are widespread in this industry. That is why thousands of HRs all over the world are exploring job websites each day in order to hire .NET developers. If you hire dedicated .NET developers for a full-time remote work, you will get a team of trusted outsourcing services providers. Remote working is a strong trend nowadays. It is quite a common situation when one team member is located at the office in San Francisco, another one is working from a hotel room in Dresden, the third one occupies a flat in Kiev, and all three of them are busy over their (dot) .net project and are interacting all the time. Besides, there are lots of tools for enhancing the quality of remote working and sharing the knowledge between team members. They make offshore web development much easier to organize. Still, a businessman never follows a trend only because it is innovative or popular. What corporations do first of all is persuading their specific needs and general interests, which include three major principles:

  • Job must be done fast;
  • High product quality is a must; and
  • Project cost should be cut as much as possible.

The question of team building and employment of “Dot Net developers” (.net developers) directly correlates with that. Each CEO or project manager adopts the scheme of forming his ASP.Net development team judging by a specific situation. Some prefer seeking for freelancers who will work remote, while others choose to hire .NET developers for full-time work in an office. So let us investigate the main reasons to hire .NET developers for remote full-time work at the office. They are in brief:

  1. Team interaction can be performed quite successfully using modern tools of personnel management and knowledge sharing;
  2. Each employee can have working conditions that are most suitable for him (her);
  3. You don’t have to pay for hardware and software for your staff;
  4. Also you don’t have to worry about extra office space;
  5. Finally you don’t have to provide your .NET developers with transport, water, coffee etc;
  6. Still a full-time Dot Net programmer (though working remote) is better concentrated on your project;
  7. Besides you can use his (her) help in other your projects in case it is possible;
  8. Interaction with colleagues from other locations adds more experience;
  9. Additionally, many agree that remote work makes developers more creative!
  10. Remote workers, in general, have much lesser fees (it depends upon a certain location);
  11. Team members residing in different time zones may be helpful in case you need 24 hour feedback for your project;
  12. Last but not the least: you can visit new places if you choose to inspect your remote .NET developer team

As we can see, the reasons above (explaining why hire .net developers), correlate with a certain model of team building in Dot .Net development. It is a known fact that team building and communication can be quite easily performed via email, chats, wikis, phones or video calls. Together with many preferences of the remote full-time work, that makes a great alternative. Of course the classic way of keeping all the staff in one office remains popular. But today more and more corporations prefer to hire remote .NET application development teams because their specific needs are best met by using this employment model. So, the remote employment has become a real alternative today. Internet connects people from different countries and continents, enabling them cooperate remotely. In modern programming industry the amount of developers, software engineers and QA testers working as freelancers is very high and even small and startup companies starts to hire .net developers that reside in offshore locations. It is important to understand that hiring freelancer always means taking some risk. So in order to hire dedicated .NET developers for a full-time remote work, you should consider using help of trusted outsourcing services providers. If you want to hire a .NET developer, Binary Studio can help you build a dedicated ASP .Net developer (programmer) team.

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