About Binary Studio Academy:

Binary Studio Academy is our award winning summer school for Ukraine’s brightest computer science graduates. Every year, it is held for three intense months during which we teach the fundamentals of professional software development using the latest technologies.


Open for all

Our Academy is held online and free of charge. Participants are chosen based on their performance during the selection rounds, regardless of their field of study or current location.


Highly competitive:

From all applications, we can only accept the very best candidates. In 2016, our admission rate was just 5% (125 participants out of 2500 applications).


Cutting edge courses:

Our curriculum ensures that upon graduation, participants are well prepared for a successful career in IT. It combines theoretical and practical lessons that cover modern technologies and frameworks as well as other important aspects of software development, such as continuous integration and agile development.

What it looks like

Binary Studio Academy is our award winning summer school for Ukraine’s brightest computer science graduates

Online test covering programming fundamentals
Three practical test tasks based on video lectures
Personal interviews with each candidate
12-15 online lectures plus home assignments
Development of an agile software project (in teams)
Graduation and Demo in Binary Studio’s office
Binary Studio hires the best participants
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Currently there are 4 main tracks at Binary Studio Academy

Java Script

This course covers the development of modern web applications based on JavaScript.

Students gain solid knowledge of JavaScript and learn how to use it for both backend and frontend development. Technologies: NodeJS, MongoDB, HTML5, AngularJS (Group A), ReactJS


This course covers the development of web applications based on PHP.

Students get acquainted with design patterns, building apps architecture on PHP, modern frameworks (Laravel), and with other technologies and software development approaches. Also students will learn how to create client-side part of the application using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.


This course covers the development of modern web applications based on .NET technologies.

Students will learn how to build robust backend systems that work with relational databases and RESTful services and also implement a client interface (either mobile or web based).Technologies: ASP.NET, ASP.NET, Xamarin, JS/HTML5/CSS3


This course covers Test Design and Automated testing for client-side with modern frameworks Jasmine, Mocha, Nightwatch.

Students will learn to collaborate in Agile environment, to bring clear requirements to developers and will receive a comprehensive guideline on test documentation.

In a nutshell, it was hard but extremely interesting and intensive
Eduard Dolinskiy -  JS Developer / Binary Studio
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How can I enter the Academy?

In order to enter the Academy one should:

  • Sign up for an online test at academy.binary-studio.com
  • Successfully complete the online test on indicated day
  • Successfully pass the second stage of selection (3 lectures with home assignments)
  • Successfully pass a short interview with our HR Manager
  • Receive an invitation to the Academy
When and where does BSA take place?
Academy is held online and runs from July till September. It usually starts with an onsite lecture in Binary Studio office in Lviv in the beginning of June and ends with an offline DEMO and graduation ceremony also in our Lviv office in the middle of September.
Who is Binary Studio Academy for?
Academy caters to bright, hardworking students and graduates who are willing to become software developers.
Who can attend?

4-5 year University students and graduates can enter Academy if they have:

  • IT degree (preferably but not obligatory)
  • Intermediate English level or higher
  • Knowledge of C# or PHP or JavaScript
  • Good knowledge and understanding of OOP principles, familiarity with Web and Databases.
  • A great desire to learn something new and possibility to spend a lot of time studying
  • Enough self motivation to devote summer to Academy
  • Desire to get a job as a Developer after Academy graduation
Can I apply for the courses even if I don’t have IT related degree?
Yes, you can. But, at least, you need to have the basic knowledge of the chosen technology, OOP principles, DB.
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Alex Kovalev Binary Studio Engineer GRADUATED ACADEMY IN 2014

BSA is an amazing platform to start your life in IT! When I entered BSA I had only theoretical knowledge. I had no clue how to gain experience for successful employment. In Academy I had 2 unforgettable months full of challenges, new knowledge and valuable experience.

"Well-prepared lectures, interesting practical project, always open to questions coaches and organizers were ingredients of BSA success for me. In BSA every student receives the opportunity to become a programmer/tester who is ready to begin his journey in the IT world. Since my first day in BSA, I have been growing day by day and now I’m a coach of JS course of BSA. It’s a big responsibility and great honour to be the BSA coach. I can share my experience, and learn new things when students ask something totally unknown for me. And also it’s the only way to make the dream of BSA students come true."

Andriy Tarusin Binary Studio Engineer GRADUATED ACADEMY IN 2015

Binary Studio Academy is a great educational project to get the most important knowledge and experience and to feel a taste of real programming.

"Self-education isn't simple without a seasoned developer who can lead you through the way. Thanks to Academy I knew what to learn. And the knowledge base provided by coaches was well-structured so I could get it step by step. I particularly enjoyed the development of a real project according to SCRUM methodology. That was my first experience of teamwork which gave me an understanding of a real development process. In other words, Binary Studio Academy helped me to become a software developer. "

Kirill Miroshnichenko Binary Studio Engineer GRADUATED ACADEMY IN 2011

Binary Studio Academy gives the chance to talented and motivated people to fulfill their potential.

"Without any previous experience one can get real software development skills within just a few months. It bridges the gap between the obsolete theoretical knowledge we receive in university and modern professional programming. "

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