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Hire Test Automation star star star star star Engineers

Binary Studio provides seasoned test automation engineers to assist enterprises in optimizing existing frameworks like Selenium and Appium or architect new automated testing suites tailored to their custom platforms. By leveraging our automation talent, clients accelerate validation coverage, alleviate tedious manual testing, improve release confidence and enable continuous delivery pipelines.


Test Automation Services


Test Strategy Consultation

Our automation architects advise on optimizing testing objectives, scope and approaches for maximum coverage automation aligned to product roadmaps.


Automation Framework Design

Test automation engineers design and construct reliable automation frameworks compliant with software and infrastructure constraints leveraging Selenium, Appium, etc.


Script Creation & Enhancement

Experts author new test scripts aligned to acceptance criteria while upgrading existing scripts to match latest UI updates, expand coverage and address flakiness.


Automated CI/CD Integration

Engineers embed regression testing, syntax validation and other automations directly into continuous integration and delivery pipelines enabling DevOps teams to ship faster.


Self-Healing Script Management

Specialists architect self-healing automation capabilities allowing scripts to auto-update locators/selectors without breaking as frontends evolve via ML and computer vision techniques.


Automation Team Training

From coaching best practices around decomposition and page object modeling to providing hands-on mentoring ramping internal teams up on automation tools, our experts transfer knowledge.

Why Hire Remote Test Automation Engineers at Binary Studio


Elite Technical Acumen

With only top 0.5% automation talent meeting our rigorous benchmarking, our engineers solve complex, business-critical challenges with automation efficiencies.


Full-Spectrum Capabilities

Our teams possess multi-tool expertise around Selenium, Appium, TestComplete, Katalon Studio, Cypress, Puppeteer and many more enabling optimal framework selection.


Video Game Testing Specialty

Specialized practice producing precise recreations of end user game maneuvers/mechanics has honed razor sharp UI interaction, computer vision and ML automation skills applicable across domains.


Tailored Guidance & Knowledge Transfer

Experts interface seamlessly with internal QA groups advising optimal test automation strategies for engineering culture aligned to project contexts while transferring knowledge.


Battle Hardened Practices

Vetted medical devices, financial trading platforms and other high risk environment experiences have forged automation disciplines securing reliability at immense scale under immense data complexity constraints.


Continuous Innovation Culture

With self-healing script management, containerized test environments and other pioneering efficiencies, we continually expand automation possibilities leveraging R&D investments.

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Why Choose Automated Testing

  • Accelerated Testing Velocities

    Automation suites execute suites in minutes versus days manually - allowing more frequent regression testing finding defects pre-release.

  • Improved Release Confidence

    Comprehensive automated testing coverage gives certainty that code changes have not created downstream impacts with integrations missed manually.

  • Unblocked Innovation Focus

    By alleviating tedious manual validations, teams redirect energy towards developing differentiating capabilities improving competitive positioning.

  • Localized Validation Enablement

    Automated testing allows on-demand parallelized verification across multiple languages/locales - impossible manually.

  • Current Team Force Multiplication

    Automating successive increments frees up existing QA resources from mundane testing for upskilling or priority exploratory engagements with greater ROI impact.

  • Future-Proof Assets Retention

    Beyond project completion, inherited automated testing IP pays continuous dividends as scripts remain evergreen assets that evolve across app versions.

Case Studies

What Our Clients Say

One thing that continues to impress us is the exceptional quality of engineers that Binary Studio is able to provide us
Mark Volkmann - CEO /
Massage Book
Binary Studio has really been pivotal in FanAngel's success
David Burton - CEO /
Binary Studio is an ideal software development partner and our experience working with them has been fantastic
Pascal Desmarets - Founder & CEO /
Mark Volkmann
Mark Volkmann
CEO / MassageBook
Charleston, SC Charleston, SC
David Burton
David Burton
CEO / FanAngel
San Luis Obispo, CA San Luis Obispo, CA
Pascal Desmarets
Pascal Desmarets
Founder & CEO / Hackolade
Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium
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Award-Winning Test Automation Services

Binary Studio’s test automation teams have been celebrated globally as a top performer among software testing and quality assurance firms on Clutch, an independent B2B ratings platform. This exclusive distinction selects leading companies based on verified client reviews and in-depth interviews showcasing outstanding expertise automating complex validation processes.

What Our Automation Engineers Do Next

01 Step

Automation Objective Discovery

We meet to align on priority areas for improved efficiency, gaps in current validations and available resources to formulate an automation roadmap catered to your needs.

02 Step

Engineer Sourcing & Selection

Next we source specialized automation consultant profiles matching project context from our exclusive talent bench to assign engineers equipped with aligned expertise in Appium, Selenium, etc.

03 Step

Codebase & Systems Knowledge Transfer

The onboarding phase involves our new hire automation engineer(s) getting ramped on your unique application internals, environment constraints, existing scripts and frameworks through documentation reviews and hands-on sessions.

04 Step

Test Strategy Enhancement

We improve validation coverage by expanding scope for new acceptance criteria automation, advising optimal organization of test suites into logical components while pinpointing priority areas.

05 Step

Framework Development & Execution

Aligned to guidelines, our specialist dive into framework design enhancements, authoring new resilient scripts immune to UI changes and integrating suites within CI/CD pipelines for streamlined execution at scale.

06 Step

Knowledge Transfer & Best Practice Institution

Beyond script creation, our engagements focus on transferring skills into your internal teams through coaching and code reviews cementing best practices so gains stay long after project completion.

Hiring test automation engineers FAQ

  • What types of testing do your test automation engineers specialize in?

    Our test automation engineers hold deep expertise in API testing automation, web and mobile UI automation, regression testing pipeline integration, compliance protocols automation, load & performance testing harnesses creation.

  • Which automation tools and coding languages are your teams proficient in?

    Our automation talent possess multi-year hands-on proficiency in Selenium Webdriver, Appium, TestComplete, Cucumber BDD, DevOps Pipelines, REST Assured, Jenkins, TestNG, Java, JavaScript, Ruby scripting among others with ability to select ideal approaches per use case.

  • How do you source qualified automation talent to hire?

    Through our rigorous internal Binary Studio Academy training only 0.5% of applicants meeting our strict technical and aptitude benchmarks, we access world-class cost competitive automation engineers to assign based on tech stack/domain fit beyond simplistic location filters typical of automation staffing practices.

  • How are your automation engineers set up for success throughout engagements?

    We ensure automation engineers hit the ground running through early priority scoping, access to documentation and optimized resource provisioning. This allows efficiently commencing framework enhancements and script creation within the first weeks. Ongoing mentoring combined with code reviews institutionalizes excellence while knowledge sharing programs sustain test velocity improvements long term.

  • Can your hired test automation engineers help existing internal teams?

    Absolutely - beyond efficient framework development, our obsession includes sustained knowledge transfer so internal groups master maintenance/enhancements independently. Weekly skill sharing programs provide coaching for longterm efficiency.

  • How much flexibility around team ramp up/down do you provide?

    Whether you need to scale up team bandwidth for a priority sprint or spin down to minimum sustenance levels during seasonal shifts, our global talent bench and tested routines allow smoothly adjusting hired test automation engineer counts on your projects.

  • What pricing models do you offer for hiring test automation engineers?

    We follow time and materials model avoiding guesswork allowing adjustment of monthly costs to budgets through transparent tracking of engineering hours invested - teams submit defined deliverables matching assigned effort weekly. Annual subscriptions available.

  • How is automation work secured via access controls and data protections?

    Stringent controls provision environment access, repos control, encryption needs while confidentiality agreements enforce compliance securing your IP. Integrations utilize secure tokens minimizing exposure surfaces.

  • What are typical onboarding timeframes for new hired engineers?

    Due to keeping potential automation talent certification ready, engineers can onboard in under 3 weeks with core deliverables beginning week 5 after codebase orientation. Documentation allows instantly conferring context minimizing learning curves.

  • How will our specific needs and constraints be addressed?

    We refrain from one-size automation approach, conducting priority scoping workshops early identifying challenges, metrics driving efficiency needs and testing gaps requiring tailored solutions using optimal test automation engineers hired purposefully based on specializations.

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