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Nearshore Mobile Development In Ukraine

The sales of mobile devices are booming worldwide. We can read about new models each day. What is the main factor of their success? The reason is that people have now got to  a new level of communication when distances and locations do not matter. One can connect with his or her friends or colleagues any time and from any place - may it be a car, a pub, a park, or a seashore. Therefore it's no wonder that mobile projects are often created by teams whose members are geographically separated.

As more and more smart and multi-functionals devices appear in the market, the need for new applications grows really fast. That means the shortage of skilled staff in the industry. As a result mobile application development companies all over the world are clashing with each other. In such a situation market players able to create attractive solutions with lesser expenditures will succeed most of all. The problem is to hire good mobile app developers for lower rates.

Eastern Europe gained many points in the world IT market during the last several years. The reason is clear: being behind Western Europe and USA in economic sphere leads to stronger investment in the most innovative industry branches. Local salaries are much lower, so high-class developers will cost much less for a local Android apps development company. As a result, mobile software vendors from Eastern Europe are today well-known in the world IT market.

Thanks to the Internet, distance is not a big problem. A client from USA or Germany can make a deal with a Ukraine-based company quite easily. Currently Ukraine boasts with about the lowest price level in Europe with mature mobile apps development companies’ pool. A number of universities located in the country provide hundreds of IT graduates each year, so local mobile solutions providers have a good human resource base. Thus you can request an Android or iPad solution for your special needs here and get it quite cheap!

Binary Studio has got big experience of working with customers from Western Europe and USA. We have been present in the mobile applications market for a long time already and have built up a strong team of mobile app developers. We believe that mobile solutions will play a really big role in the human life in the nearest future because mobility brings freedom for anyone. If you are interested in getting some smart personalized apps or wish to share with us your ideas - feel free to join this discussion!

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