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How we attract and train the best minds

Binary Studio Academy is our award-winning program for the most talented and brightest computer science graduates in Eastern Europe. Every year, the program runs for three intense months, during which we teach the fundamentals of professional software development using the latest technologies and best practices in the industry.

Transforming Talented Tech-Savvy Individuals into Qualified Engineers-1

The mission of Binary Studio Academy is to transform talented and motivated students into qualified engineers capable of building world-class software. We help novice developers deepen and sharpen their existing programming knowledge, driving breakthroughs in their understanding of development theory while guiding them to mastery of modern frameworks and technologies.

An extremely competitive acceptance rate (0.5%) enables us to find exceptional talents. Participants are chosen based on their tech and soft skills as well as their performance during the selection rounds, including an entrance exam, three homework assignments, English test and a Zoom interview with representatives of our Academy program. Almost 80% of our company are graduates of the Academy, and all of our senior engineers went through the Binary Studio Academy program. These same engineers are now the ones who write the curriculum and ultimately choose who graduates the course, as well as who is offered a job at Binary.

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Binary Studio is an early innovator in online education. Back in 2015, we launched our internal learning management system specific to the needs of our students. Our Academy LMS platform is an educational project designed for interaction between students, coaches and educational managers. It allows users to create, handle and assign home tasks and tests to be completed by students, rate students’ homework, monitor their progress as well as create and manage groups of students. Our coaches provide all lectures and assignments on this platform which makes the education process far easier and more efficient.

Building MVP projects from scratch

Over the course of seven weeks, students work in teams to produce MVP-level web and mobile applications. Currently, there are six main technological tracks at Binary Studio Academy - JS, .NET, Java, PHP, Mobile, and QA. Academists develop state-of-the-art web platforms with a complex front-end, structured back-end, and the use of several cloud services. Although the projects are not sold to clients, the development conditions are as close to the real deal as possible. Each project’s team consists of developers and QA engineers who conduct online daily standup meetings. In addition to this, each project has a Product Owner, who participates in meetings from time to time, proposes new requirements, and offers feedback on the platform’s development.

Transforming Talented Tech-Savvy Individuals into Qualified Engineers-2

What value does the Academy bring to our customers?

We don’t simply hire engineers, we acquire and nurture talents - this philosophy differs Binary Studio’s position on the market. Among the core values our approach brings to the customers:

  • Binary Studio concentrates exclusively on the best specialists, whose skills are ideally suited to solving the specific issues of the platform that our clients need. We tailor our Academy training specifically around the projects and technologies our clients are working with.
  • We mainly work with small, medium-sized businesses and start-ups. In this industry, the cost of a mistake is too high. That is why we exclusively select those people who have a high universality of skills and abilities. The result is a group of versatile and skilled developers who can switch from front-end to back-end, web and mobile, and are ready to do so on the fly when needed.
  • Binary Studio keeps technical professionals engaged. Motivation and permanent growth are the essential requirements of modern, top-notch engineers - we know this through over a decade’s worth of experience on the market. Therefore, we provide opportunities to continuously develop, learn and create dream side projects for our engineers using the latest technologies and resources. This allows us to maintain an ideal microclimate in the team, encouraging deep involvement and sky-high motivation.
  • We attract and train the best minds. Binary Studio Academy is a totally free hands-on program that supports, educates, and scales unique talents. At the core of our program, students create an MVP-level platform within just a couple of months.

Below are some fantastic projects built from scratch which our students worked on during Binary Studio Academy 2021.

Perflow - music service

A solution inspired by Spotify, where users can create their own playlists and listen to themed selections. The web-application allows users to listen to music in different quality albums, create different playlists, create a library of liked content, share music with friends, and play a collaborative playlist together. There is also a mobile application with data synchronization. 

Technology stack: .NET 5, Entity Framework Core 5.0, MSSQL, Azure Blob Storage, Firebase, Dapper, MediatR Ocelot API Gateway, SignalR, RabbitMQ, ffmpeg,  Angular, Semantic UI, SASS.


CodeTrainer - development skills trainer

CodeTrainer is an online educational platform for software developers where users can exchange their knowledge by solving programming puzzles. Users can add their own challenges and create collections by adding different challenges. The solution also includes such features like feedback gathering, clan creation, fighting for honorable places in the community, etc.

Technology stack: TypeScript, NodeJS, Express.js, PostgreSQL, TypeORM, RabbitMQ, Firebase,, JWT,  AWS S3, React, Redux/Saga, SCSS, Docker.

CodeTrainer - development skills trainer

Scout - smart HR-platform

A web application for speeding up hiring, automation of personnel management processes, centralization of all information about employees, automation of the recruitment process of the best candidates, management of employee time offs, tracking employee involvement, performance evaluation, and several other features. The application utilizes machine learning and CV parsing.

Technology stack: ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, Dapper, SQL, MongoDB, CQRS, Docker, AWS, Amazon S3, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Textract, JWT, SMTP, Vault by Hashicorp, TS, Angular, Angular Material, SСSS, MediatR, GitHub Actions.

Scout - smart HR-platform

Infostack - corporate knowledge organizer

A web-based application designed to store and organize the information that is a result of team collaborations. It allows company teams to keep detailed records like project timelines and plans, specifications and requirements, meeting summaries, step-by-step processes, etc. Within the app, users can create workspaces, add collaborators, manage user profiles, pages, permissions, etc. The solution also includes such features like notifications, following pages, live page editing, integration with GitHub repositories, and several other features.

Technology stack: HTML, SCSS, TypeScript, Bootstrap, React, Redux, Node.js, Express.js, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, WebSockets, Elasticsearch, AWS S3.

Infostack - corporate knowledge organizer

Slidez - interactive presentations application

A service for interactive presentations that allows speakers to share access and grant viewing rights to others. This solution allows users real-time communication with your audience, by providing an editor plugin for Google Slides, so users can integrate interactions into existing presentations. Users will have to install Google App Script addon and Google Chrome extension to access full functionality. After adding interactive elements, users can enter presentation mode and present as usual. This Google Chrome Extension will detect interactive slides and replace them with real-time updating elements, such as Q&A screens and polls. Participant's don't have to install any additional software - they can use any browser they like, scan QR code and access live event interactions.

Technology stack: Java 11, Spring, Hibernate, WebSockets(Spring), PostgreSQL, React, Redux Toolkit, WebSockets (SockJS + STOMP), Material UI, TypeScript, Google App Script, Chrome Extension API, AWS services (S3, Route53, CloudFront, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, ACM, CloudWatch), GithubActions, Sentry.

Slidez - interactive presentations application

Jabber - podcast platform

A platform for recording, storing, and supporting podcasts. The solution allows you to record a podcast in real time (people can go in and comment on the podcast while recording). Users can create favorite podcast lists, leave comments and “likes.” A private podcast option is also available.

Technology stack: TS, React, Redux, SASS, React Native, NodeJS, Express, Knex, Objection, JWT, PostgreSQL, Sockets, WebRTC.

Jabber - podcast platform

MindBridge - electronic publishing platform

A new generation of content creation tools inspired by Medium and Github. It is a platform where readers find articles on interesting articles, and where participants can share their writing on any topic. Users can create their own personal page, publish posts, leave comments, follow and unfollow other users, change profile information, save quotes from article text and create drafts of their posts. The service allows you to share your Medium-style stories and collaborate with other authors using a community-based approach similar to Github.

Technology stack: Java 11, Spring, Lombok, Mapstruct, Hibernate, Flyweight, Elasticsearch, JUnit, Websockets, OAuth2 social auth, Postgresql, TypeScript, React, Redux, Redux-toolkit, Sagas, Websockets.

MindBridge - electronic publishing platform

Watchdog - project quality analysis platform

The platform is similar to Sentry, Raygun, and and allows you to analyze the quality of projects, track errors and perform stress testing. The main goal of the project is to monitor project issues affecting end users in real time. The platform provides issue details including stack trace, breadcrumbs, method/class name, OS, device, browser, location, host, and more. It can be used for both kinds of projects, for servers and client-oriented projects. Users can identify problems more quickly, enjoying visual timeline views, charts, tables and receive email reports if a new issue occurred. Also, clients can perform load testing without typing code to verify how their servers will respond to high load. They can flexibly set up tests in the portal and run them as many times as they need to.

Technology stack: .NET 5, REST, SignalR, RabbitMQ, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework Core,  Azure, JWT, Firebase, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Docker, SendGrid, StackOverflow API, Angular, Prime NG, HTML5/CSS3/SASS.

Watchdog - project quality analysis platform

HypeCrafter - fundraising platform

This platform helps people create their own fundraising projects and attract sponsors. The user can support somebody’s idea and donate towards its realization. There are several features such as recommendations for project authors and investors, statistics on top themes, diagrams of hype dynamic on certain themes, information about related projects and their current state, and many more.

Technology stack: Node.JS, Typescript, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Bootstrap, React, Redux, Redux-saga, Stripe, Express, Passport.JS, ChartJS, JWT, i18n, SASS,, Docker,, Cron, React Native.

HypeCrafter - fundraising platform

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