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17 years of excellence in engineering world-class software

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Web Software Development is our core competency. We do 2 things best:


Develop your idea from MVP
to a working product

Our team of top-notch web engineers, QAs and Project Managers will help you define the scope of your product, design and then build it from idea to operating product, while keeping you in full control of the development progress at all times.


Enhance your existing
web application

We assign our top talent to work on an existing product that needs further development or improvement. Developing new features, modernizing the product, upgrading legacy projects, improving performance or user experience – we have you covered!

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Why Binary

Gold certified Microsoft partner
Our experts are recognized and endorsed by Microsoft certification. We value our Gold partnership and constantly train and develop our technical skills and knowledge.
Access to top 0.5% of engineering talent
Every year, more than 6,000 people apply to our award-winning international .NET training program. After 3 months of intense coursework, we invite only a select few top graduates to join our team of professionals.
We love what we do, and we do what we love. 9 out of 10 our clients use ‘exceptional quality of engineers’ to describe us. Our mission is to share responsibility and contribute to the success of your project, big or small.
Committed to long-
term relationships
Our clients value us as dependable long-term partners and advisors. While our average partnership lasts about 3.5 years, multiple clients have been working with us for 15+ years!
Tailored customer onboarding
Within 2 weeks of your request, our experts will launch our proprietary “Inception” program. With minimum time and financial resources from your side, Inception will help us shape the tech requirements, create a roadmap for your project, assemble the best team with relevant expertise, and ensure smooth delivery of your product.
Seamless integration
and scaling
Agile by design and small by choice, our team easily integrates into your business processes. Imagine being able to hire or scale your team with certified top-notch .NET specialists quickly and when you need it. That is exactly what we have been doing for our clients for almost 2 decades now!

Everything you need to bring your web application to life and keep improving it

Architecture Design
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But enough about us.

Let's hear what you are looking for and we'll help you find the best solution!