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Wyldr - Letting Users Order
Fresh Product Directly
to their Door

LOCATION: Germany Germany
INDUSTRY: Grocery eCommerce

The Project

Wyldr is a web application designed to allow customers to order fresh, organic produce from vendors via subscription model and have it delivered directly to their doorstep. The application also provides accompanying recipes for users to follow utilizing ingredients they purchased, and uses eco-friendly practices to reduce the overall carbon footprint of grocery shopping.

Technologies used

Node.js / React / Custom Design

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the challenge

Wyldr came to Binary Studio in the initial planning period of the application, and required a partner that would be able to provide as much technical input and recommendations as they could. After creating an initial plan, Binary was called upon to work closely with Wyldr’s newly appointed CTO, finalize a roadmap for development, and create an MVP in short order.

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Once the plan was put into place after a brief Inception discovery period, Binary quickly assembled a team of 3 engineers and started working on an MVP-level solution alongside Wyldr’s CTO. Four months later, the initial version of the platform was released to users. Binary has since provided support and continuously has added features for the platform over the course of several months as the platform continues to evolve and expand its user base.


  • Worked closely with the client’s CTO to create a scalable, efficient solution.
  • Assembled a team and brought the platform into MVP-level production within 4 months.
  • Continuously work with the customer’s team supporting the live platform and adding features and functionality..
from the Clutch

Binary Studio was the most attractive offer in terms of experience, flexibility, and resources they could provide. One of the key points is they have an academy, where they hire the best of the best after a whole summer of training.

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