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Binary Studio 23.04.2012

Looking to Hire Development Team in Ukraine?

Donetsk has large potential and capacity to increase IT industry presense.

Want to hire development team in Ukraine? Building a software development project includes a number of serious steps. One of them is finding good staff and putting them together. Perhaps the project manager will decide to hire development team. Ukraine is one of the most suitable places for that. Let us discover why.

Where To Find Developers?

The universal demand for skilled software development resources is growing day by day. Numerous IT enterprises and start-ups in Western Europe and North America need more brains. Naturally, this causes shortage of local resources, so more and more IT projects are outsourced.

The world outsourcing industry has rather long history; so many countries are now active players in this field. A project owner looking for foreign contributors has to select a destination first. Different locations have different peculiarities which make them more or less suitable for a certain task. Eastern Europe has become a rather popular outsourcing destination lately. Especially it is true for Western European customers.

Ukrainian Software Development Resources

Being maybe the cheapest place in the region, Ukraine is well involved into the world IT industry development process. Programmers are a big part of local labor resources. Consequently the number of IT outsourcing services companies is growing very fast. So you’ll have a broad choice in case you want to hire development team in Ukraine. Recent researches by CEEOA (Central and Eastern European Outsourcing Association) and other organizations have shown that Ukraine is one of the most promising outsourcing services providers in Eastern European region.

Benefits you get working with Binary Studio.

Ukraine got close attention by European outsourcing analytics agencies in 2009 - 2011. Country’s notable success in the IT outsourcing helped it to get a number of awards. They include:

•    TOP 50 Emerging Global Outsourcing Destinations in 2009
•    Gaming Industry’s TOP 12 European Countries in 2009
•    TOP 20 Leading Countries in the area of IT Outsourcing and High-Tech Services in 2010
•    Outsourcing destination of the year in 2011

Illustration of how our Academy project works.

As we can see, Ukrainian IT community makes certain progress in the European IT outsourcing field. Given that cost-saving trends are anticipated to be dominating the world IT sector in the nearest future, more and more Western European enterprises are likely to consider the idea to hire development team from Ukraine.

How Much It Will Cost?

This progress was based on a number of opportunities local IT sector offers. First of all it is a dramatically low average developer fee. Ukraine is not a EU member so prices and salaries here create very attractive circumstances for western IT companies. Anyone who decided to hire development team in Ukraine could not miss to notice such a big difference and evaluate opportunities it creates for IT projects.

Below is a chart representing Ukraine’s position among other countries of the world software development outsourcing pool. It is based upon a small research that was recently performed by Binary Studio – our company examined a number of our peers in order to find out their prices.

The chart representing Ukraine’s position among other countries of the world software development outsourcing pool.

Closer Look At Ukrainian IT Resources

Of course, a strong IT sector cannot appear from nothing. Former USSR’s technical education system used to have a good reputation in the world. Still the country had managed to maintain the level of engineering culture during these years. In the 2000s Ukraine managed to enter the TOP 10 countries with the most certified IT professionals. Keeping such a position is a real challenge for the local IT community.

Actually, software development is becoming more and more popular among students each year. As a result, local IT outsourcing services providers are constantly supplied with skilled and enthusiastic people. So, you’ll definitely find whom to hire. Development teams which Ukraine provides are widely known for the quality of their work.

Binary Studio: Our Teambuilding Experience

Binary  Studio Teambuilding Experience.

Binary Studio as a leading Ukrainian outsourcing vendor is concerned about the progress of local IT community and software development outsourcing industry in general. We believe that sharing experience brings benefits to everyone.

We have been long helping our foreign customers to hire development team in Ukraine. An example of a successful teambuilding project we had is the partnership with Shin Software company. The task was to develop a digital document, Shin FileShare. As our customer needed a team of programmers, our task was to perform search and interviewing of candidates, training and management. Besides, our customer had already experienced an unsuccessful partnership with an Indian outsourcing company. So Binary Studio had to work hard in order to prove that it is really effective to hire development teams in Ukraine.
As a result, a reliable, flexible and highly scalable framework was created for the project (it was called Shin Framework). The solution was successfully developed and our customer got a challenging product, as well as the bright experience of outsourcing to Ukraine. You can get more details at the corresponding Case Study.

Are you willing to know more about outsourcing to Eastern Europe? Or considering to hire development team in Ukraine? Feel free to contact Binary Studio with any questions and suggestions you like.